User's manual - how to create animated GIF and APNG images

The list of the tutorials given below describes how to work with animated and static images using the tools available in the tool:
  • 1. Animizer - a special form for editing an animated image
  • 2. Assembler - combines static (non-animated) images into an animated image
  • 3. Splitter - splits an animated image into separate static images
  • 4. Converter - Converts GIF image to animated PNG (APNG) and back
  • 5. Animating static image - create an animated GIF/APNG image from one static image
  • 6. Animating text - enter text and get it animated

Assembler - combines static (non-animated) images into an animated image

Selecting images to combine the into one animated image

On the assembler tool page you will see the form for uploading static or animated images into one single animated image. Just click the "Browse" button, select all the images and click the "Go to assembler" button. After all images are uploaded, you will be displayed 2 animated images - in GIF and APNG format. You can simply download the generated images or edit them through the Animizer tool by pressing the "Edit with Animizer" button.

Preview of the combined animated image

Note: The animated images are the result of the Animizer tool with default options. This tool is created for simplicity, in case you don't need any other additional options.