Some info about - a set of tools to work with animated GIF and animated PNG images. The project allows to edit animated images though the provided form. Originally the form is taken from - the first project in the network. Other than that the project allows to split animated images, convert them from APNG to GIF format and back, assemble static/animated images into one animated image, animate a static image with provided templates and animate text with provided templates.

The project was launched on December 2, 2013. It was developed by Timur Gafforov - one of the founders of all projects. It took about 45 days to develop the project from scratch, but it's development was stretched into 2 years, as the development was run only on some weekends and holidays.

But, the project wouldn't be there if there was no help from Alisher Agzamov, Ikrom Hotamov, Max Stepin, XL Software and some other folks. Thanks guys.

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