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Animizer - GIF & APNG animation editing tool

Upload images you would like to animate or edit
(animated GIF/APNG images and static images are accepted)

Advertisement provides complete solution for animations (GIF and APNG). The tools set include:

Animizer - a tool that helps to edit animation. You can colorize, set background color, manage animation speed, flip image, invert colors, reverse animation in the image and more. You can also download the generated animations as sprites and scripts that animate the image-sprites with JavaScript and/or Canvas

Assembler - assembles frames into a GIF or PNG (APNG) animation. The assembled image can be modified through animizer

Splitter - Split (disassemble) an animated GIF or PNG (APNG) image into frames

Converter - Converts animated GIF to APNG and APNG to animated GIF

Adds more images to the end of the animation. Multiple images selection is allowed
Add more frames
APNG browser test
A button corresponds to the image type you need to generate (GIF - Animated GIF, APNG - Animated PNG format).

Note: .GIF format supports only absolute transparency or no transparency at all. Therefore, when you select the GIF format and set background to transparent you will still be able to set a background color that will fill the back layer of semi-transparent parts of your image.
Image type
Set the background of an animation to transparent.

For GIF images all semi-transparent pixels will be in front of the selected background color.
Transparent background
This feature allows to generate animated image with the default color scheme provided.

"Foreground color" option is disabled when this feauture is used.
Keep original colors
The color of the animation colorization
Foreground color
The background color of an animation.

All transparent pixels will be filled with the given background. If "Use environment colors" function is used, the pixels that are converted to semi-transparent will be filled with the selected background color with the respective foreground color amount
Background color
Identifies the interval of time between frames switching. The closer the slider is to + the faster the animation goes and vise versa.

In order to have custom delay between particular frames, use the Modify frames settings button in Advanced options
Animation speed
Denotes width and height of an animation in pixels.

In order for the image to have proportional width and height, check the "Constrain proportions" box and it will change the other parameter in regards to the entered one.

If you want to get back to the original size of the image, click on the "Reset sizes" link under "Animation size" title.
Image size
Allows to modify delay between frames switching, position of a frame and enable/disable each particular frame of an animation
Frame settings
When you upload images of different resolutions the inside images will keep their original proportions but fit in the image if this option is set to Yes
Keep all proportions
Inverts the colors of an animated image.

The algorithm works in regards to RGB invertion scheme
Invert colors
Flips images vertically and/or horizontally.

Note that some images are not affected by this feature as they may be absolutely symmetric in respect to center point
Flip image
Set the sequence of the animated image frames in reverse order, so animation goes backwards if the option is selected
Reverse animation
Set the amount of times that you want your animation to be played for.

0=play forever
Play count